Divi Style Tile

v1.0 – by Layouts Cafe

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This is an H1

Font: Comfortaa / #30343f

This is an H2

Font: Comfortaa / #30343f

This is some paragraph text styling. Showing you what the body text will look like on your website.  Let’s throw in some lorem ipsum love. Illum fames porta nostrud accumsan incididunt vivamus consectetuer at porttitor lorem eu. Aliquip primis, est dui, placerat delectus this is a link.

Font: Raleway / 18 px / Body line height 1.8

Color Palette

  • #0e5d3a
  • #30343f
  • #4289bf
  • #73b3c5
  • #d9fff2
  • #50906d


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